Friends of IT-Lex, who are also law students (JD or LLM) in good standing at an ABA accredited law school, can enter our technology law writing contest, sponsored by the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP.  First place will receive $6000.00 USD and the opportunity to speak at the Innovate Conference on October 9-10 of 2014, second place $2,000.00 USD, and third place $1000.00 USD- plus the prize-winners will be published in the IT-Lex Journal, and will receive invitations to become write-on Members of IT-Lex.

The submission deadline is Friday, May 2, 2014

So, what’s the topic for the contest?  Technology law!  We strongly suggest that you review our content and categories before choosing a topic.  You may submit multiple entries, but only your top-ranked submission will be eligible for prizes.

Submissions must be (1) 5,000-7,500 words including footnotes, (2) in Word format, formatted with double-spaced body text and footnotes rather than endnotes, (3) conformed to the 19th edition of The Bluebook.  For your article to be considered, please make sure all three of these requirement are met.

First Place


$6,000.00 USD 

 Speak at Innovate

Join IT-Lex as a Member

Publication in the IT Lex J.

Second Place


$2,000.00 USD

Join IT-Lex as a Member

Publication in the IT Lex J.

Third Place


$1,000.00 USD

Join IT-Lex as a Member

Publication in the IT Lex J.

The IT-Lex Law Review Articles Department evaluates all entries according to our submission evaluation rubric (“SER”), available here. While we make our SER public, unfortunately we cannot provide any individualized feedback or analysis to applicants on the score of their submission. We strongly advise that you download and review our SER prior to entering the writing competition, and any entries with a “3″ or lower in any category are automatically rejected.

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