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London Olympics Employing Hackers To Prevent Hacking - IT-Lex | IT-Lex London Olympics Employing Hackers To Prevent Hacking - IT-Lex

London Olympics Employing Hackers To Prevent Hacking


The 2012 Olympic Games are but two weeks away, and while global audiences will develop a sudden, if short-term, interest in sports like diving and gymnastics, hackers will be trying their hardest to exploit potential security flaws. Apparently, there were twelve million potential cyber security issues at the 2008 Games (12 million!), and that number is expected to be higher this year.

So what is the London Olympics’ organizing committee doing to prepare? It spent a full quarter of their $3.1 billion budget on cyber security, and used tech company Atos to make sure that all systems would be secure from hackers and other mischief-makers, who may seek to commit online fraud or commit larger-scale acts of¬†cyber-terrorism. Like many government agencies and other big organizations, Atos hired a slew of “ethical hackers” to go through the systems and try to find and exploit any flaws. Atos is happy with the preparation it has done, and its executive VP Patrick Adiba is confident of the system’s security, saying:

[A security breach] is very unlikely, as it all operates on a very secure network. It would be quite complicated to get into this network without being detected… I can never be 100 percent, but it is close to 100 percent.”

Source: Hot For Security

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