IT-Lex Journal (cite as IT Lex J.) is a scholarly publication run by the IT-Lex Law Review.

The latest edition of the IT-Lex Journal will always be available for download by Friends for free- check back here after our first publication if you’d like to download a copy.  If you are interesting in entering the IT-Lex Journal writing competition, or reading the IT-Lex Journal, become a Friend (for free).

Additionally, the IT-Lex Journal welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from our Friends in the field of technology law.

We accept electronic submissions of scholarly manuscripts under 30 journal pages (approximately 15,000 words including footnotes).  We strongly prefer submissions of 10-15 journal pages (approximately 5,000-7,500 words including footnotes).  Please format your manuscript with double-spaced body text and footnotes rather than endnotes.  Citations should conform to the 19th edition of The Bluebook.

In addition to your manuscript, please provide a cover letter and curriculum vitae that includes: (1) a short synopsis of your manuscript; (2) your telephone number; (3) your email address; (4) a short list of your recently published scholarly work.

We carefully consider all manuscripts that we receive.  If you require expedited review of your manuscript because you have a pending offer from another journal, please notify us via email and provide the following information: (1) the manuscript’s title, (2) the date when you need an answer, and (3) your email address and telephone number.  Although we will make every effort to honor requests for an expedited review, we will not omit any stage of our review process.

Although we encourage contributors to concurrently submit their articles to multiple journals, we will not consider manuscripts that are already published or under contract to be published in another journal.  As a matter of policy, we consider manuscripts available on the Internet or through other alternative media outlets as published.

Friends may submit their manuscripts via email to