Follow Up: Florida Bar Revokes Advisory Ethics Opinion About LinkedIn



The Florida Bar’s September advisory opinion concerning LinkedIn led to one of our most-popular blog posts of all time. So, news coming through this week from the Bar’s Board of Governors certainly caught our attention. The Board met last Friday (December 13th), and, as its Report indicates:

The board requested that Standing Committee on Advertising prepare an advisory opinion on implications of Bar members using the LinkedIn social and professional networking site. The board also voted to revoke a staff advisory letter stating that the use of LinkedIn violates Bar rules. 

(Emphasis added)

There were some other technology-related developments, but this is the one that’s bound to garner the most discussion. There were many complaints when the original advisory opinion came out, so it’s interesting to see that the board has backtracked. Is this an institutional understanding of modern social networking, and a recognition that the conventional understanding of attorney advertising does not fit neatly into a box? Or just a response to a backlash? Either way, Florida attorneys can once again collect those endorsements and recommendations to their hearts’ content.

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