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Digital Assets After Death: The Podcast - IT-Lex | IT-Lex Digital Assets After Death: The Podcast - IT-Lex

Digital Assets After Death: The Podcast


Sadly, that’s not the name of an exciting new podcast with a surprisingly narrow focus, but instead the topic of the newest episode of the BlueTutor Technology podcast. In it, host Jim Blue talks with Sharon Nelson – ¬†whose Ride the Lightning blog is one of our favorites – about what happens to digital assets after death. It’s an interesting discussion, and they mention the importance of keeping wills, financial documents and passwords accessible, as well as more modern wrinkles, like what happens to the things purchased in the world of Second Life, which may have real-world cash value. Also, things like online bills: what if one spouse pays the utilities online and then passes away? How does the other spouse get to pay those bills and not incur penalties, if they can’t log in to the account? Digital rights are not addressed in most state law at the moment, and most standard wills also don’t address these issues.

It’s a nice, short, casual conversation, and you may well learn something.¬†Listen to the episode here.

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