Sites Go Offline As U.S. Seeks Extradition Of ‘Dark Net’ Administrator

Aug 06, 13 Sites Go Offline As U.S. Seeks Extradition Of ‘Dark Net’ Administrator

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It’s been a little while since we’ve spoken about web security, hackers and the like, so here’s a compelling news story that involves mysterious outages and extradition threats. Some of you may be familiar with the ultra-secure Tor network, “which anonymises and encrypts traffic, masking the identities of...

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No Sanctions For Text Message Deletion

Jun 13, 13 No Sanctions For Text Message Deletion

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By IT-Lex Intern Christopher Britt (LinkedIn) If you are afraid that your employees will start their own company and take some of your clients with them, be sure you get a non-compete clause in the contract that they sign.  PTSI, Inc., a Pennsylvania based sports training corporation, made the mistake of having at-will employees...

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Podcast Networks Hit By Patent Complaint

Here’s something interesting: last week, a company called Personal Audio filed suit against three large podcasting networks, for allegedly infringing on its patents. We don’t talk about patents here a lot, but we do listen to a lot of podcasts, and the one here is not too science-heavy, so it’s worth discussing....

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Canada Loves Biometric Data

  Canada- the land of maple leaves and delicious poutine is on our radar for some interesting biometric privacy overlaps.  Both the Canadian military and Canadian immigration department are stepping up efforts to collect and store government databases of biometric data.  The thought is that things like photographs can be...

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Illinois Clawback Rules to Ring in The New Year

Hey Illinoisians!  Or is it Illinites?  Either way, if you practice in Illinois, be aware of the new rules that kick in January 1, 2013 that are tres important in eDiscovery land. We’ve given a general primer on clawback orders and why they are so important in eDiscovery, so check that out before reading further if you have...

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Phone Spoofing A-Ok (As Long As It’s Non-Harmful)

“Phone spoofing” is a practice you may not have heard of before, but it exists, and it’s been getting a decent amount of attention. As the name suggests, it refers to the act of “misrepresenting [an] originating telephone caller’s identification (caller ID) to the call recipient” and it led to the...

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