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Another Magistrate Judge Denies The Government A Broad Email Search Warrant

Last Friday, Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal issued an order in In re: [REDACTED], a case where the government had applied for a search warrant to look through the titular email address in a case involving “the theft of government funds”. The specifics in the instant case aren’t too important, though, as...

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Former Reuters Journalist Fails to Get Evidence Suppressed In CFAA Case

By IT-Lex Intern Kristin Bergman (Twitter / LinkedIn) We return today to the case of Matthew Keys, former employee of Reuters and the L.A. Times, who was indicted last year under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for providing account information that allowed Anonymous to hack the Los Angeles Times’ website. Most recently, Keys...

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Google Increases Email Security, Reportedly Attempts To “NSA-Proof Gmail’

Apr 15, 14 Google Increases Email Security, Reportedly Attempts To “NSA-Proof Gmail’

Posted in Fourth Amendment, Privacy, Surveillance

By IT-Lex Intern Kristin Bergman (Twitter / LinkedIn) In a (somewhat delayed) response to last summer’s NSA document leak, courtesy of Edward Snowden, Google has increased its email security measures (or, as CNN puts it, Google is trying to NSA-proof Gmail).  Gmail Security Engineering Lead Nicolas Lidzborski announced the changes...

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The Fourth Amendment Prohibits Carte Blanche Review Of Email Accounts By The Government

Apr 14, 14 The Fourth Amendment Prohibits Carte Blanche Review Of Email Accounts By The Government

Posted in Fourth Amendment, Privacy

By Nicholas Kyriakopoulos (bio) Those office employees who have rolled the dice and sent emails clearly not suitable for work would be glad to know that their email accounts are protected from government intrusion by the Fourth Amendment.  United States v. Warshak, 631 F.3d 266, 282-88 (6th Cir. 2010).  The government must obtain a...

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Massachusetts Outlaws Warrantless Cell-Phone Tracking

By IT-Lex Intern Amber Williams (LinkedIn) The highest court in Massachusetts last month became the latest to issue an opinion in the hot-button conflict between law authority’s use of technology and the Fourth Amendment. This case began with defendant being suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend and then dumping her body in a...

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Metadata? Different Courts Have Different Answers

In the week that Edward Snowden spoke via Google Hangout and seven proxies to the public at South by South West (here’s a recap), the NSA’s collection of metadata has returned to the courtrooms. Last Friday, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued an opinion and order in response to the Justice...

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