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Apple v. Samsung: Week Three Highlights - IT-Lex | IT-Lex Apple v. Samsung: Week Three Highlights - IT-Lex

Apple v. Samsung: Week Three Highlights


It’s been another big week in San Jose, so here’s our digest of the big headlines from the #iCourt trial (aka #AppSung). Click here to see our previous dispatches, or here for a nice article that nutshells everything that’s in dispute and at stake in this litigation. OK, let’s go…

  • Apple wrapped up its case early in week, after calling to the stand an accounting expert, who broke down why the iPad-maker is seeking a whopping $2.75 billion in damages.
  • Samsung claimed a minor victory as three of the twenty contested devices were eliminated from the trial as irrelevant. Unfortunately for them, these were three phones that Apple had valued at $0, so it’s not too big of a deal.
  • There was controversy surrounding Samsung’s very first witness, as Apple tried to block his testimony based on some disclosures he had failed to make. An exasperated Judge Koh, who must surely be looking forward to a vacation more and more every day, said “I don’t trust what any lawyer tells me in this courtroom.”
  • A designer for Samsung denied copying icons from Apple, then a patents expert said that the patents held by Apple were obvious and should be deemed invalid.
  • On Wednesday, another Samsung designer denied any copying, claiming that her company’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, had been in development long before Apple announced the iPad.
  • Once again, Judge Koh urged the heads of each company to get into a room together and try and reach a settlement.
  • Samsung brought in an expert to dispute Apple’s damages-claim.
  • Judge Koh asked an Apple attorney if he was on crack… and then criticized Samsung’s trial strategy for spending too much time cross-examining opposing witnesses and not enough time presenting its own. At least she’s fair.
  • On Friday, Samsung’s last expert explained that company’s own damages claim of $421.8 million, though under cross, he couldn’t explain how they reached that amount.
  • Samsung then rested its case, so after three weeks, all the testimony is over!
  • To look forward to next week: closing arguments! And, 100 pages of jury instructions. One hundred pages. Those jurors will need a vacation after this trial, too.
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