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January 2013 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex January 2013 - IT-Lex

Discovered Emails Suggest Possible Antitrust Violations By Tech Giants

By IT-Lex Intern Karina Saranovic (LinkedIn) Recently-discovered internal emails reveal that high-level executives at Apple and Google consented to no-poaching agreements, because they believed such practices would reap mutual financial benefits, stated U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh at a hearing last month.  A no-poaching agreement...

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Are We On The Cusp of Voice-to-Review Software?

By IT-Lex Intern Eric Everson (Twitter) So like many Lexies, I do my fair share of sifting through the latest techie news and I’m always looking for cool legal-related fare.  While this link has nothing to do with legal technology, it really got me thinking about how much better Technology Assisted Review (TAR …or Computer Assisted...

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Australia Wants To Combat Terrorism By Infecting Your Computer

By IT-Lex Intern Shannon Allen (Linkedin) Australian authorities are considering infecting the computers of third parties, with the goal of getting terrorists. You read that correctly. Sounds not unlike the crazy Dutch plan we covered a while back. Lexies may remember our story ‘Dutch Government Reserves Right To Destroy Your...

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Gossip Website Sued For Allegedly Defaming D.C. Publicist

By IT-Lex Intern Karina Saranovic (LinkedIn) After media gossip-site FishbowlDC published a string of insulting articles about her, publicist Wendy Gordon last month filed suit against the website, its editor, and one of its writers, claiming defamation and false light portrayal. The complaint [PDF] is well worth a read, as it...

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New York Proposes New, eDiscovery-Friendly, Rule

By IT-Lex Intern Shannon Allen (Linkedin) Earlier this month, the New York Law Journal discussed a proposed expansion to New York’s commercial e-discovery rule, which currently requires parties to “consult with each other at the beginning of a case about the eDiscovery issues they anticipate.” That’s a little wishy-washy, and...

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Sony Fined £250,000 Over 2011 PSN Hack

We’ve said it several times: In Europe, they don’t play around on matters of privacy. That explains why a British regulatory watchdog last week fined Sony a cool £250,000 (almost $400,000) for the 2011 data breach caused by a hack to the Playstation Network infrastructure. Yes, the same incident that, in October, a...

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Programmer Faces State Law Charges After Federal Conviction Reversed

By Eric Everson IT-Lex Intern (Twitter) As a software engineer turned law student, it certainly catches my eye when a computer programmer is charged with a crime, especially when the same programmer just had his federal conviction reversed based on the same transaction. In the case of People v. Aleynikov, this Double Jeopardy...

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Vermont Issues Significant eDiscovery / Fourth Amendment Decision

By Benjamin R. Dryden (bio) In civil litigation, eDiscovery disputes hardly ever rise to the level of constitutional importance.  But in the criminal arena, the rules are different.  With good cause, warrants to search computers have been called “the closest things to general warrants we have confronted in the history of the...

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