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December 2012 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex December 2012 - IT-Lex

Doctor Sues Google After Auto-Correct Implies That He’s Bankrupt

Some of our favorite stories of this year have involved the Google auto-complete function. Whether it’s the Australian man who successfully sued, or the German woman who’s trying to sue, this topic is always fascinating, so what better way to round out the year than with another story of unwanted connotations. In this...

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Instagram Suggests New Policy, Everyone Flips Out, Instagram Withdraws New Policy

Post by IT-Lex Intern Emily Pineless (LinkedIn) Earlier this month, Facebook-owned Instagram decided to sever its ties with Twitter, to the chagrin of teenagers everywhere. Then, the popular photo-editing application threw the social media world into a tailspin when it updated its terms of service and privacy policy. The new policy...

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Canada Loves Biometric Data

  Canada- the land of maple leaves and delicious poutine is on our radar for some interesting biometric privacy overlaps.  Both the Canadian military and Canadian immigration department are stepping up efforts to collect and store government databases of biometric data.  The thought is that things like photographs can be...

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Illinois Clawback Rules to Ring in The New Year

Hey Illinoisians!  Or is it Illinites?  Either way, if you practice in Illinois, be aware of the new rules that kick in January 1, 2013 that are tres important in eDiscovery land. We’ve given a general primer on clawback orders and why they are so important in eDiscovery, so check that out before reading further if you have...

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Judge Francis: “Improve Your Searches, Get Experts”

We love a good eDiscovery case here at IT-Lex, and here’s a recent one from New York’s Southern District: Assured Guar. Mun. Corp. v. UBS Real Estate Sec. Inc.,2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 167981 (S.D.N.Y., 2012). [Word Doc]. The facts of the case involve securities and mortgages, so we’ll skip those and go straight to...

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House Updates Video Privacy Law From 1988

We’ve discussed the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) on IT-Lex a couple of times in the past, and both stories made it clear that the law was out of touch with today’s technological advances. Last week, the House approved a bill that finally brings this 24-year old legislation into the modern era. From The Hill:...

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Follow Up: Craigslist No Longer Owns Your Posts

Back in early August, we told you that online bulletin board Craigslist had taken the unprecedented step of claiming ownership of all the user-posted content on that site. We weren’t the only people to question the reasoning behind this, but the follow-up to this policy went very much under the radar. Perhaps due to the...

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Phone Spoofing A-Ok (As Long As It’s Non-Harmful)

“Phone spoofing” is a practice you may not have heard of before, but it exists, and it’s been getting a decent amount of attention. As the name suggests, it refers to the act of “misrepresenting [an] originating telephone caller’s identification (caller ID) to the call recipient” and it led to the...

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