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November 2012 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex November 2012 - IT-Lex

This Week In Malware

Malware was popping up in some places where you really, really don’t want to see it this week. Let’s start with Japan, where information about a top-secret new rocket, currently in development, was siphoned off a computer at the Tsukuba Space Center. This rocket was supposedly designed to launch satellites, but...

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Bank Reimburses Robbed Customer After Online Hack

Here’s a quick update on one of the earliest cases we covered here at IT-Lex. Back in early July, the First Circuit ruled against Ocean Bank because of its “commercially unreasonable” online security. The vulnerability was discovered after hackers stole $588,000 from the account of an Ocean customer. Though some...

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The Internet Overseas: Outages, Arrests and Required IDs

There have been a handful of stories that caught my attention this week, which can all be linked by one theme: we in the U.S. should be incredibly thankful to have largely reliable and safe internet access. Compare and contrast with the situation in Iran, as reported by German newspaper Der Spiegel, via Techdirt: Iran’s...

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Anti-Piracy Initiative Postponed Due To Hurricane Sandy

Remember the Six-Strikes program that was meant to launch this week? You remember the one: if your ISP catches you illegally downloading or uploading copyrighted material, it would give you half-a-dozen warnings, and maybe throttle your internet speed or block access to certain popular websites? Well, that’s been put on hold...

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Google Launches Campaign Against Proposed German Law

We’ve talked about how newspapers in Brazil and across Europe are battling with Google over revenues. In a nutshell, they claim to be suffering due to web users reading their headlines and opening sentences through Google, and not clicking through to their own websites. Page views equals advertising money, so the newspapers...

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Don’t Sledgehammer Your Computer After Suing Someone

By IT-Lex Member Jason Pill (Bio) A recent district court decision may hold appeal for anyone who has wanted to fulfill their inner-most “Office Space” fantasy.  No, not the fantasy of owning your very own Red Swingline stapler (although such an item can be purchased here, and makes for a great stocking stuffer this time of year). ...

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Follow Up: EEOC Files Objection In Social Media Discovery Case

As you read in Jason’s post a couple of weeks back, a Magistrate Judge in Colorado recently ordered the plaintiff in an employment case to turn over her cell phone, plus access to all email and social media accounts, to a special master for review. Well, the order was subsequently amended, and the special master was taken out...

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132 Websites Frozen By ICE In Cyber Monday Raid

Yes, I am aware that this isn’t the first time I’ve made the “Frozen by ICE” joke in a headline, but it really does work so, so well. Yesterday, while shoppers celebrated Cyber Monday by buying reduced kitchenware and DVDs (not from the same site), the people of  Immigration and Customs Enforcement –...

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