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September 2012 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex September 2012 - IT-Lex

The Stored Communications Act And Facebook After Death

Topic-wise, here’s a new twist on an old favorite. We’ve talked before about law enforcement’s access to social media, and about when they can or cannot compel the production of private data. But the Technology & Marketing Law Blog just posted a sad story, which shows the other side of that equation: when a...

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Microsoft Faces Huge Antitrust Fines In Europe

Poor Microsoft. The other day we mentioned the fact that the German government put out an official statement encouraging its people to stop using Internet Explorer due to security concerns. Then there’s the fact that, despite my own best efforts, the phrase “Bing It!” just isn’t taking off as they’d...

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Apple And Amazon Spar Over Use Of The Phrase ‘App Store’

In one of its lesser-known legal actions, Apple is currently suing Amazon, over the latter’s use of the phrase “App Store”. Apple argues that there may be customer confusion caused by Amazon’s name choice, while Amazon counters that it’s a generic phrase and therefore shouldn’t be granted any...

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Google Brazil Employee Arrested Over YouTube Video

No, not that  video. News outlets are reporting that earlier today, Google’s top executive in Brazil- Fabio Coelho – was arrested after YouTube refused to take down a video that attacked a mayoral candidate. Apparently, there is a law in Brazil that bans any kind of “offensive” political commercials. A pair...

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Samsung Claims Juror Misconduct, Seeks New iTrial

Everyone knew this would happen, and now it finally has happened. Earlier this week, Samsung appealed the August jury decision that it ripped off Apple patents to the tune of over $1 billion. An interesting wrinkle, though: Samsung is citing jury misconduct as one of the reasons to throw out that verdict. We mentioned how, in the...

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Craigslist Sued By 3taps For Alleged Antitrust Violations

You may recall that in August we reported about a quiet change in Craigslist’s terms of usage, to the effect that any listing posting on the site became the intellectual property of Craigslist. Speculation at the time suggested that this new policy came in response to new sites that mined Craigslist data and displayed the...

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Tech Company Punished For ‘Shred Days’

When I hear the phrase “shred days”, I immediately think of high-intensity workout regimens like P90X and Crossfit. Well, apparently, “shredding” has another, more old-fashioned meaning, and it involves deliberately destroying paperwork. Law.com has a story today about Rambus, a company that develops and...

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Toys “R” Us Develops Tablet For Kids, Is Sued Over Its Tablet For Kids

Not sure if you’ve noticed this lately, but the manufacturers of tablet computers sure have been suing each other a lot lately. Any time you hear about a tablet in the news, it’s always injunction this, patent infringement that, and over-a-billion-dollars-in-damages the other. Here’s new chapter in that saga, and...

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