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Court Accidentally Posts Confidential Settlement Details Online

Another one for our “Whoops!” hall of fame. ABC News reports that a California court accidentally put a highly classified settlement agreement on its website, making the secret terms public knowledge. The underlying case involved a gas pipeline explosion, which injured hundreds of individuals, who sued pipeline...

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UK Police Officer Arrested For Cyberbullying

Here’s an interesting story from the other side of the Atlantic. Nicola Brookes, a 45-year old single mother posted a message of encouragement on the Facebook wall of an X Factor contestant. And then (via The Daily Mail): Online trolls turned on her in minutes, writing that she was a ‘desperate pedo [sic] b****’ and ‘a...

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Class Action Suit Challenges New Missouri Tracking Legislation

We have talked about tracking quite a bit lately. There sure is a lot of it going on! Earlier this week, Missouri became the 8th state to enact “Kelsey’s Law”, legislation which requires cellular carriers to provide police with a customer’s location information in the event of an emergency. Kelsey’s Law also...

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Calling A Hotel “America’s Dirtiest” Online Is Not Defamatory

A ruling out of Tennessee last week [pdf] shows the power of user-generated content on popular websites, and how plaintiffs may struggle to refute opinions on these sites, no matter how libelous they may appear. It’s an interesting set of facts: Last year, the popular travel site TripAdvisor surveyed its readers to find the...

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You Got Served… Via Yahoo! Email

We’ve heard of defendants being served over Facebook, but last week a Florida court addressed the legality of another non-traditional method of process. The Federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission wanted to file an action against this defendant, but couldn’t get to him through all the conventional channels. They...

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Digital Assets After Death: Redux

A couple of weeks ago, we linked to a podcast from BlueTutor Technology, which discussed the emerging concern of digital assets, and how they affect estate planning. This issue came up again in an article last week in the WSJ’s Market Watch blog, entitled “Who inherits your iTunes library?” The focus here is on...

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Apple v. Samsung: Jurors Start Speaking Out

The result may have come in, but there’s no end in sight for stories about the Apple v. Samsung patents trial. The companies’ stock prices have either soared or plummeted, and with an injunction hearing due in September, both parties are trying to decide which devices they want to ban/not have banned. But going back to...

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FTC Complaint Filed Against Sites That Market To Kids

Last week, a coalition of children’s rights and privacy advocacy groups filed an FTC complaint against a handful of giant corporations, claiming that their websites market to children in a manner that violates the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). That law, passed in 1998, requires websites to “to...

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