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July 2012 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex July 2012 - IT-Lex

Former Prosecutor Charged For Threatening Facebook Post

The dust has barely settled on our post from this morning about the Twitter-user arrested for sending death threats, but now we have similar news from right here in the U.S. A Virginia man is facing felony charges after threatening to beat up a former employer. The exact charge is “posting a written threat to kill or do...

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UK Teen Arrested For Sending Olympic Diver Threatening Tweets

How’s this for timing? Just days after Englishman Paul Chalmers was cleared of sending menacing tweets, British police have arrested a 17-year old British man for sending malicious tweets and death threats to an Olympic diver. After local hero Tom Daley failed to make the podium in yesterday’s 10-meter synchronized...

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BitTorrent Wants To Pay Musicians, Offers Software Bundle

BitTorrent, Inc, scourge of the entertainment industry and friend of the college student, is trying a new project to try and get musicians compensated. It’s an ambitious idea, and it comes with the support of San Francisco’s legendary DJ Shadow, whose 1996 album ‘Endtroducing…’ is pretty much...

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“The Antithesis of Diligence” – Not Something You Want to Read About Your Discovery Efforts

Zane Hardin worked at Wal-Mart in California.  Mr. Hardin became unhappy with Wal-Mart back in 2008, and sued them in California state court for age discrimination, retaliation, ect.  As these kinds of cases are wont to do, his suit was removed to federal court, and was subject to a series of motions to dismiss, for summary...

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The Clawback Train Has Left the Station

District Judge Browning of the District of New Mexico made clear in a recent opinion issued last week that The train on th[e] concept [of clawback orders] has already left the station, and clawback orders are staples of modern complex commercial litigation. What is a clawback order, you might ask, and why did Judge Browning drop...

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“They Didn’t Produce as Much as We Did” Doesn’t Justify a Redo

Read about a story over at Bow Tie Law’s Blog that reiterates a discovery 101 – if you bring a motion to compel, you need more than just a hunch that the other side didn’t do a complete search. In ADT Sec. Servs. v. Pinancle Sec., LLC, 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 98948 (N.D. Ill. July 11, 2012), the plaintiff brought a...

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British Man Cleared Of “Sending A Menacing Tweet” Conviction

It’s turning out to be a very British day here at IT-Lex! You may not be familiar with the saga of a 27-year old man named Paul Chalmers, so let’s bring you up to speed. In January 2010, he was at Doncaster’s Robin Hood airport waiting to get on a plane to see his girlfriend. After a lengthy delay, the airport...

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London Borough Doesn’t Check Metadata, Residents’ Personal Info Ends Up Online

Remember our recent post about the N.Y. State Comptroller’s office accidentally leaking information due to unchecked metadata? Well, a borough in London has gone and one-upped them! The circumstances in both instances are rather similar: again, a media outlet requested data under the Freedom of Information Act. Again, the...

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