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June 2012 - IT-Lex | IT-Lex June 2012 - IT-Lex

Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung (with a $95,637,141.60 bond requirement- yikes)

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone- called a “genuine iPhone challenger” by some- may suddenly become in short supply here in the United States, given that yesterday Judge Lucy Koh in the Northern District of California granted Apple’s request in a patent litigation (Case No. 12-CV-00630-LHK) for an injunction...

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Illegal Downloaders in Japan May Face Jail – Hackers Attack in Retaliation

Japanese fans of Game of Thrones (玉座のゲーム), beware! The Japanese parliament is currently considering a revision to its copyright laws that would make illegal downloading of music or movies a crime, with a potential penalty of a fine of the equivalent of $25,000 USD, or up to two years in jail. It’s currently a civil matter,...

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eDiscovery Appellate Argument Outs Copyright Troll to Seventh Circuit

In a Seventh Circuit opinion out this month involving (of all things) an episode of South Park, the plaintiff-appellant may have shot itself in the foot by arguing about eDiscovery when it had not even requested discovery in the underlying litigation. The Court noted that: The expense of discovery . . . stressed at oral argument,...

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ADA Action Against Netflix Allowed To Proceed

A federal judge this week ruled that Netflix may be liable for potential violations of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The National Association for the Deaf brought an action about the movies-and-TV-on-demand juggernaut, claiming that its pricing structure was discriminatory. Netflix’s streaming-only package is...

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Judo Official’s Cybersquatting Claim Wrestled to the Floor

It’s not every day that we get to talk about cyber squatting, libel, and judo all in the same story. At the center of this storm is one Marius Vizer, of Hungary, the president of the International Judo Foundation. Apparently, some people do not much care for Mr. Vizer, and set up the website which alleges that...

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Illinois Woman Sues LinkedIn for $5m Over Data Breach

You’re probably aware that earlier this month, 6 million user passwords were stolen from the popular networking site LinkedIn. Though the site, which has over 150 million members, has tried to make it clear that nobody’s accounts were compromised, a woman in Illinois just filed a federal action against LinkedIn, to the...

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Anton Piller Orders – Canadian eDiscovery SWAT Teams?

You’ve probably never heard of an Anton Piller Order, which is a good thing for you. It operates both as an injunction and a civil writ for seizure. This means you can stop someone from doing something and take their stuff! Like DirecTV being given “the right to enter . . . offices to ‘search for, examine, and...

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Rhode Islanders – You Can Now (legally) Lie Online, Except About Military Service

Rhode Island just repealed a bizarre law that made it a crime to lie to people online (a misdemeanor with a $500.00 fine). “[T]his law made virtually the entire population of Rhode Island a criminal . . . [w]hen this bill was enacted nobody had any idea what its ramifications were. Telling fibs may be wrong, but it...

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